Best Shot Monday: 100 Acre Wood

Purple Leaf

We were home in Jacksonville last week for Spring Break. Great week full of perfect weather. There were a few days when storms were forecast, but they came at night and didn't interrupt our days. Our favorite place to hike at home is the Theodore Roosevelt National Recreation Area, what we call the 100 Acre Wood, gifted to the National Park Service by Willie Brown III. We usually take the Willie Brown Trail and then the Timucuan Trail.  Sarah's developing an interest in photography, so we were practicing "noticing" on our hike, and she's starting to develop a pretty good eye. At one point, I was down on the ground photographing light coming through a leaf, and Livvie said, "Mama, how do you spot that stuff?" Sarah responded, "You didn't see that purple leaf all glowing with light!?! How could you miss that!" Yep, she's noticing.

100 acre 3-16

Sarah and I stayed on our usual trail while Benny and Liv took a little easier route since he was tiring quite a bit and our normal trail had the biggest climb in the park (and the highest elevation in Jacksonville). Sarah was on the hunt for the heart tree. We were so saddened to see that it had fallen completely over. But what I thought was so sweet was that the park rangers had taken the portion with the heart and lay it just so facing the trail for all to still find. There's no way that piece of log landed there on its own. Nice of them, don't you think?

100 acre heart

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