Best Shot Monday: Boca Grande 2016


We had a wonderful week down in Boca Grande last week, so I wanted to share a few photos with you to document our week! Sarah discovered sun block with zinc oxide in it, so that's why she looks a little ghostly white in some of the shots! She's very diligent about her sunblock, so when she discovered this stuff, she was very happy and not the least bit embarrassed by her white face. She's doing her very best to preserve her freckles just as they are. :-)


My friend Vanessa and her sweet daughter Blaine spent part of the week with us, so we had to catch a girly shot by the famous pink gas pump in front of Hudson's Grocery.


My husband HATES to have his picture taken so we were lucky to catch him in a few shots, above with Sarah and Blaine.


Our traditional night before we leave photo shoot on the beach, Sarah styling with her zinc oxide sunblock ... and this was AFTER we tried to get some off with a washcloth and water. :-)


Our three mermaids on the bow of the boat heading to Cabbage Key.

Vanessa and me.


And our gang at Cabbage Key.  It was such a treat to have Vanessa and Blaine with us!  Hopefully we'll start some new traditions together! 

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