2016 Documented Life Project: February


How about a little cool February journaling on this super hot July day!? Still chugging along with the 2016 Documented Life Project: the unPlanner. Catching up on sharing! Here's February! Continuing to use up scraps around my studio!


The first week's spread includes a pretty card I received from Kelli May Krenz and our List Ten, which was "things I never should have done." I don't really have that many regrets. I feel like everything we do, good or not so good, teaches a lesson and is part of who we become.


Week two was Chi Omega Creole week, my first assignment as a Chi O Chapter Advisor. I was so proud of my Creole chair and her team. They did an awesome job and raised just over $30,000 for Make a Wish! :-) This spread also includes some fun art from Gina Lee Kim. She sent me two of these, so I decided to include one here!


Close up of Gina's sweet little camper painting.


On the back side of Gina's painting, I included her little heart note that came with the package, which was written on some artwork by her son Stephen!


I kept the Valentine's week spread simple with "Be" cards from Brave Girls Club.


On the back of the "Be" cards, I cut up a journal page into pieces to fit the inserts. Again, using up scraps that are laying around my studio!


Week 3 was a tough week for me, so I thought this postcard I included on the left summed up the week. I journaled about my challenges for the week on the back of the postcard.


This sweet inserted little card was for the "think of summer" challenge for that week. That photo is of me and the redheads at St. George Island a few summers back. Love that picture.


And lastly, the last week of February was An Artful Journey, our last Journey, sadly! The collage on the left and below is from papers I gathered while in class. You can see what I created at An Artful Journey this year here.


Thanks for stopping in today! See more of my 2016 Documented Life Project here, see my 2015 DLP here, and 2014 here (my favorite!).

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lishofmann said...

I just love this! What a beautiful record to pass onto your girls ... and what a gift of awareness and presence, joy and celebration! I admit I end up using Shutterfly books with Project Life elements (usually created in a crazed one day binge of creating ... because I have a coupon to use or some sort of sale incentive) as I don't trust myself to complete something on this scale. Wow. You have inspired me.

And yes ... to all you shared over on my space ... bringing joy and hope and positive energy into our world which is so snarky these days. What memories do we want our girls to have of this time? Fear, anger, scarcity thinking? Or possibilities, commitment to the whole and rising to the challenges with an open and loving heart? I see in your world so much of the latter. xo