A Sweet Little Tea Book

Tea Book-3

While we've been home in Jacksonville this summer, I've been working on my coptic stitch for bookbinding. I created this little nugget last night. It's just 2 1/4" square!

Tea Book-4

This is a four-needle stitch (or one needle for each sewing station, however many you choose!) that I learned from my sweet friend Lori Vliegen. There is definitely a learning curve on this one since you have four needles going at the same time, my biggest lesson being how to keep from getting blood on your book when you poke yourself with one of four needles (or two or three needles, but really, who's counting?)

Tea Book-1

One of my goals this year has been to use up stuff that I have around. I had some paper left over from a Mermaids and Mamas book project, which I used for the signatures for this book. While I was sitting at the kitchen table sewing it all up, Sarah came over and watched for a bit. She said, "Aw, that's so cute and small and .... WAIT A MINUTE! IS THAT A TEA BAG BOX!??!?!!" So yes, the covers are from a tea bag box, my favorite flavor actually.

I'm having fun making these little tinies...there will be more to come!  You can learn this stitch from Lori by taking her class here. I had the benefit of learning it in person since she's in the Jacksonville area!  Thanks again, Lori! 

Tea Book-2


Cruising for Beach Glass said...

That is so darn cute! I'm going to try it! Leeayn

misslovepaper said...

sweet little book!!