Best Shot Monday: Meet Sherlock!


I've shared before that some shelter dogs are easier to photograph than others (see this post for the anatomy of a shelter shoot). Well, Sherlock here, he was quite the challenge. Not because he was high energy ... not because he was easily distracted ... not even because he just didn't show any interest in me. Oh no, this boy ... this boy showed all the interest you'd ever want in a dog. He most certainly stole my heart. He's currently being treated for heart worms (thanks to the fine folks from Friends of Jacksonville Animals!) so I had to keep him on his leash for our time together.

We walked a bit before going into photo session mode, but even on our walk, he was glued to my legs, looking up at me like he was saying, "You're coming with me, right?" Some dogs exhibit that behavior due to fearfulness, but not this boy. It was all love. The photo above was pure luck. I was walking him, or he was walking me, and he decided he just wanted to stand between my legs and poke his head out the back. It took a bit of contortionist skills I didn't realize I had to get the shot, but I love it. Those are the back of my shorts you see on the far left.

Sherlock selfie

We sat down for some lovin' and some cell phone selfies as well, all of which were hysterical. My arms just weren't quite long enough! Below is his "official" shot, though my favorite is still the one up top. He's listed as an Australian Cattle Dog, approximately two years old. His ID number is A1006150. He's got some scarring on his face and on his hind end, but I'm not sure what his history is; he came in as a stray on July 14. Whatever his history, it sure didn't adversely affect his personality. This boy is so incredibly sweet.  Be sure to go see him soon at Jacksonville's Animal Care and Protective Services, 2020 Forest Street, and adopt this special boy. I don't think he'll be there long!


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Campbell Jane said...

Oh my gosh that is the most awesome selfie ever!! I love it! My oldest & his wife foster dogs at Foothill Rescue and then have me babysit during while they are at work. Thanks for all the work you do! :)
Thanks so much for taking the time to say hi!!
Many Blessings