Jessica Brogan's Inspirational Card Swap

Livvie Cards

The girlies and I are participating in Jessica Brogan's Inspirational Card Swap again this year. We have so much fun with this. Our cards aren't anything extravagant, but it's fun sending little pieces of us out into the world and seeing what we get back in return. Olivia's cards are above. She got a little painterly this year! She used water and spray inks to completely cover large sheets of paper and then glued her playing cards to the back so the pretty inky side was on the front. Then she added this stamp she liked and some foil tape for a little sparkle.

Sarah cards

Sarah, above, picked out a variety of her favorite scrapbook papers to use as her background. She then added the "Count the Happies" stamp. Don't you just love that?! And then some of her favorite flower stickers.


I knew I wanted to go back to using one of my photos this year, like I did in the first swap I participated in (see them here). I had the image in mind but was thinking of a different quote, a line from a Sugarland song, but the line was a bit long and I couldn't figure out how to make it fit. Then out of the blue, when we weren't even talking about our cards and she didn't even know what image I was thinking about using (those are her feet waiting to take off on the swings at Coney Island), Sarah said this line from Peter Pan, and I said, "That's it! That's perfect!" If you aren't familiar with it, those are the directions to Neverland. I added the quote to the image digitally, then sized down the images and printed them two up as 4 x 6 prints. I added the stars and rhinestones as a little bit of star shower and fairy dust. :-)

We're sending these off to Jessica today and looking forward to seeing what we get back in the mail.  Subscribe to Jessica's newsletter on her blog to learn about her next swap. They really are fun!  Here are the cards we did last fall. 

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Quiltin' Mama said...

OH they are all so beautiful and colorful- love them all. You each did a very nice job and whoever gets them will get a whole lot of sunshine from the sunshine state!!! What fun! Hot and dry up here. Happy Summer!