2016 Documented Life Project: May


Yes! I finally completely finished my 2016 Documented Life Project! I had been doing a great job keeping up until Christmas break, so I had to complete those two weeks after the holidays ... and then after January ... and finally did them at the end of February. Over these next few weeks I'll share the rest of the project one month per week. The challenge for the first week, above, was to use a color I don't normally use much. For me? Black. Really happy with the way this came out though! I covered the whole page with some black tissue paper and then added some stenciling and line work. The card on the right was a sweet little card from my office pal, Marsha, who I went to lunch with that week.


The second week's challenge was to do something with your address. I cut this address label out of a package I received from a calligraphy artist I purchase thank you's from, K is for Calligraphy, and have had it laying around forever just unable to throw it away because it was so pretty. Finally had a use for it! Cloned out my house number though! :-) The envelope on the right was from a sweet little something I received in the mail from one of the Art 5 gals, Lorraine Bell. This was the week of our state baseball tournament, so I included my tournament pass.


The next week's challenge was to use underpapers, a favorite of mine. Didn't need to add too much to it! The Stay Awesome postcard came with a Stay Awesome stamp that I ordered from A Sensible Habit on Etsy. 


Had to give you the other side of that spread to share the funny pic of my husband photo-bombing my girls' last day of 7th grade picture, above. Last day of 7th grade! Where does the time go!?


The next challenge was to use circle stickers, above. I am a magazine junkie and I often tear pages out of magazines that I then use in my journals. Also saves me time when I don't have much! The postcard on the right came with a print I ordered from Mae Chevrette. I LOVE her work and have two of her prints, one in our house in Tallahassee and one at home in Jacksonville.


The last of May and first of June were our week in Boca Grande! My sweet friend Vanessa and her daughter Blaine spent a few days there with us, so I included some pictures of our week in the journal. We are documenting life after all, right?



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