2017 Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap

Didgerdoo postcard for swap

I participated in Kat Sloma's Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap again this year. I love doing postcard swaps! It's always fun to get a fun little unexpected something in your mailbox instead of bills and junk mail! For my submissions, I created some postcards out of some of my shelter photos and added in quotes with them. Above is a dog from the Tallahassee shelter named Didgeradoo. He was such a cool dog!

Below are the other two I did, one a group shot from playgroup at the Jacksonville shelter and the other my all time favorite shelter dog love, Chuck. Chuck was the first shelter dog to completely steal my heart, and he's had it ever since. I think of him often!

Chuck for postcard for swap

Playgroup postcard for swap

Below is the first card I received in the mail. Kat spreads out the mailing do you don't get them all at the same time. More to look forward to! This card came from Deanie Houghtaling in Phoenix, Arizona. It is of a carousel horse in Jardin du Laxembourg in Paris! One day, I will travel to Paris.  One day...


Next, I received this beautifully drawn zentangle card from Linda Yeatman in Reston, Virginia, below. I love the black and white contrast.


Next came this beautiful photo from Chrisann Risser. Chrisann and I emailed back and forth a bit, and here's what she told me about her photo: "That photo was taken in December 2016 in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, where I was born and raised. I went home to visit my Dad. Lunenburg is a fishing village on the Atlantic and the colour of the buildings on the waterfront are red so that is what you are seeing in the background. And the photo is of wild rose buds." Beautiful!


Next I received this beautiful page from an art journal from Lorraine Rush, below. She did not share on her postcard where she was from, but her art is beautiful!


Then came this lovely little painting from Sheila Delgado from Prescott Valley, Arizona. I visited the little town of Prescott years ago when I went out that way for a friend's wedding. Very cute town! Thanks, Sheila!


Last I received the card from Kat herself, our wonderful hostess in Portland, Oregon. I wasn't quite sure what the correct orientation was supposed to be, but I liked it best this way! I guess when I see Kat's reveal, I'll know if I was correct! Thanks to Kat for coordinating this swap every year. It's so much fun to send little pieces of your own art out into the world and receive such beautiful little things back.



debs14 said...

I absolutely love the cards you sent out (can you tell that I am a dog owner? Or rather, I'm owned by a cute little Cavapoo!). You received some great cards too.

chasing the sun said...

Beautiful assortment of postcards that you received! I also love the precious faces you sent out...Would you be interested in a side swap? So nice to meet you :-)

Beth in NEPA said...

What fun postcards you made. And I enjoyed the comments you made on each of the cards you received.

NatashaMay said...

I love your doggy cards! :) I'm still waiting for the last one and I hope it's yours. :) You got some great ones in return as well.

Sheila said...

YAY! Thanks Kelly for letting me know where my card landed. How fantastic, that you have visited Prescott. I just love your happy postcards, such a terrific idea. Fabulous photos you take!! And we received cards form three of the same people. Our piles must have been close together. LOL. So glad to see you in the swap, hope to see you next year. And my fingers will be crossed, to receive one of yours :)

Mellowood Gallery said...

Yours are such charming cards and the quotes are wonderful. You also got a super selection in the mail - nice post - nice pics

Unknown said...

Love the dogs :) I have a Kelpie

Suzette Rothlisberger said...

Wow! You've received postcards I haven't seen anywhere else. They are all so wonderful. I love the postcards you sent out. I especially like the first one on your blog. We have two Basset Hounds and they keep us busy. My husband is a retired educator and administrator for arts. My daughter teaches math. Educators are the best. See you next time.

Cathy H. said...

Your postcards are such fun! You got some really nice ones too!

twil123123 said...

Beautiful!!! Happy LYA 2017!