Best Shot Monday: Meet Fargo!


Meet Fargo! Fargo is a male Labrador Retriever mix about two and a half years old. He's very playful and loves to hang out in play group with his play group pals. He absolutely LOVES water! Rolling around in the doggie pool and in some good old water puddles are some of his favorite activities. He loves treats, is treat motivated and also walks pretty well on his leash.

Fargo has been at the City of Tallahassee Animal Service Center since April 12 and is currently the shelter's longest resident. That means he's been waiting for 181 days for his people to find him! A super long time to wait! Might you be his person? How about you come meet him? Be sure not to judge him by his kennel behavior; being cooped up in a kennel for 181 days would be stressful on you, too, wouldn't it?! Take this awesome boy out for a proper meet and greet and you just may fall in love! Not ready to adopt right now? Please share Fargo's story with your friends! You never know who might be looking for a great dog!

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