Best Shot Monday" Sweet Furry Faces!

Kale is a super sweet, incredibly smart six-year-old fella who knows sit, shake, and paw.
On the first of the year, I mentioned that I might participate in iHanna's 365 Somethings Project this year. While it seemed a little daunting at first, when I realized that I create multiple photos every week and could make the "somethings" any creation that I wanted to, the doors sprung open, so over the course of the year, I'm sure I'll be sharing more than 365 furry faces, primarily over on Instagram.  You can find my "art and life" Instagram here and my Shelter Pet Superstars Instagram here.  That's what a true volunteer passion will do for you. And when I can use my artistic talents, in this case photography, to also help a great cause, that's all the better. So here's week one! All theses photos were taken the first week in January at Jacksonville's Animal Care and Protective Services. Adopt a shelter pet! 

Betty is an absolutely gorgeous, gentle three-year-old gal.
Queenie is a volunteer favorite who has great leash manners and loves to give kisses.

Seth is a high-energy two-year-old who loves to play fetch.

Bill is a nine-month-old pup who got adopted right after I took his photo!

Georgie loves to fetch!  Even at six years old, he says, "So many balls, so little mouth space!"

Luna...she has the sweetest face, doesn't she?  She's a two-year-old heart-stealer with a future in modeling. 
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