Best Shot Monday: Meet Abby!


Sometimes the best dogs end up waiting the longest times for their forever families. Meet Abby. This super sweet girl has been waiting for her forever family since early October. And I can't figure out why. She's a little older, about seven, but other than that (which is certainly not a bad thing!), she's the perfect dog! She's pretty mellow and easy going, not too big, not too small, walks well on her leash, loves to sit for treats, and as you can see from the picture below, sits up to play peek-a-boo! Next time you are considering adding a new four-legged friend to your family, first, be sure to visit your local shelter, and then second, consider an older dog. While puppies are super cute, they are also super time consuming when it comes to training .... and eating your shoes. Older dogs like Abby have already gone through that phase and come out the other side! Abby is available for adoption at Jacksonville's Animal Care and Protective Services.

I'm a member of an organization called HeARTs Speak. It's a global group of artists and photographers who donate their time and talent to helping shelter pets find homes. Recently journalist Scott Smith wrote a beautiful piece about the work of HeARTs Speak and its thousands of artists in Consumer Advocate. It's a great look at what this wonderful organization does. Go take a peek here. And thanks to Scott for writing such a beautiful piece! 


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