Best Shot Monday!


Many people think that open-admission, municipal shelters have nothing to offer but Pit mixes (...and, of course, I would argue that Pit mixes are awesome anyway), so this week I decided to share some of the variety of dog types I photographed this past week! Above is sweet Bobby. He's a Beagle/Treeing Walking Hound mix. The reason you see nothing but his sweet little mug is that he wanted to do nothing but sit in my lap. For this shot, I was sitting down on my knees with Bobby basically hugging me, and then I reached my arm back and clicked, having no idea what I'd capture, and I captured this!


This fella above is a yellow Lab mix named Bam. Fetcher extraordinaire! He's got that game down and will play as long as you want to toss, bring it back, and is ready for you to throw it again. If you happen to take a moment to review your notes, thinking you've finally worn him out, he will try to push the ball into your leg to get you to throw it again. Yes, I know this from experience.


This little beauty above is Cecilia, a Welsh Corgi/Cardigan mix. She was a little shy at first, but once I gave her a little time to warm up to me, she turned into a super love bug.


And this incredibly handsome fella is Chato, an Alaskan Husky mix. This fella had some super separation anxiety issues and thankfully was adopted by someone who could spend all day with him! All four of these dogs were at an open-admission, municipal shelter, the City of Tallahassee Animal Service Center! And go adopt a shelter pet! They will bless your life immeasurably!

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