Best Shot Monday: Girls Trip to North Carolina


The redheads and I had a girls trip with my sister and her girls up to the mountains of North Carolina last month. I'm finally getting around to editing photos! We waterfall and trail hopped for two days and went to the Biltmore one day.  Photos above and below were taken on the Pink Sands trail near the Cradle of Forestry Museum.



The photo above was pure serendipity. We were on a trail that took us by three waterfalls in the Dupont State Forest portion of the Pisgah National Forest - High Falls, Triple Falls, and Hooker Falls.  Here we had hiked down to the bottom of High Falls to put our fingers and toes in the water. I was fiddling with something in my pack, and I looked up and saw the five of them by the water like this. So sweet!  The photo below was at Looking Glass Falls. I'm not very good a selfies, but I'm proud of this one! 



The Biltmore Estate is quite the experience. When we pulled up Google maps for directions, we thought there must be an error when it told us the Biltmore was only a mile and a half from our hotel. Our hotel was in the center of town (Asheville), so thought that couldn't be possible! But sure enough, when we went around the corner, there was the entrance, right there in the middle of the city. When we drove through the arched gateway, we felt like we had entered into some sort of time and space portal because the city literally fell away and all we could see was trees and sprawling land. Amazing!


And lastly, if you've been following along here any bit of time, you know I love these walking away shots. This was on the Pink Sands trail, and I just love little Ramona's little swing of the hip there. 

Thanks for stopping in today!  I know I've been pretty quiet here on the blog for most of the summer, but I'm working on getting back into the swing of things again! 


Nefelibata said...

it reminded of when i was backpacking with boys! :))

Kelly Warren said...

@Nefelibata, thanks for stopping in! Great memories with kids! Your Nefelibata blog is a very interesting concept!