Best Shot Monday: Meet Sapphire!


Happy Monday! At our Tallahassee shelter, the City of Tallahassee Animal Service Center, there are two "main" runs.  The first is always full of adoptable dogs, 50 kennels total.  The second run is sometimes a combination of adoptables and those on stray wait, and then when we aren't quite as overly full, sometimes just stray wait pups. When adoptables are in the second run, we call it the "Straydoption" run. Either way, because it changes from week to week, I think the dogs in the second run don't get nearly as much exposure to the public walking through as those in the front run. And that's where I found sweet Sapphire here. Kennel 63 in the straydoption run, to be exact! And what a doll she is!

Sapphire is what I call a velcro dog. Essentially, she sticks to you like velcro. She was easy to leash right out of her kennel, and then stuck right by me as we walked past the front run and out to the play yard. Once outside, she didn't stray farther than three feet away from me. And then, even when she did venture out a few feet, she took a few sniffs around, and then came right back to me, tail a-wagging with a big smile on her face. This shot is the classic velcro dog shot. I managed to crop my feet out of the shot, but you can still see the shadow of my legs! 

Our Tallahassee shelter is not unique in that adoptable dogs are often mixed in with dogs on stray wait simply because there is no room in the main adoptable runs.  Summer through Fall are typically the most overcrowded times at your municipal animal shelters. If you are looking to add a furry friend to your family, take some time to review the shelter website to check out adoptable dogs first, so when you come in, you have a few ideas of dogs you'd like to meet.  But always be open to those you may have overlooked!  Sometimes the sweetest, most family friendly pets are overlooked because they don't jump out at you on first look!  Sapphire is available for adoption at the City of Tallahassee Animal Service Center.


windycindy said...

I would wish I could give every dog, a home! My brother was a veterinarian, and our family kept every animal, people didn’t want... The service that you do for adoptable animals, is amazing...

Kelly Warren said...

My pleasure, @windycindy! I love doing it!