Keeping My Hands Busy

Sunset Beach

I've been spending a little more time at the bench lately getting ready for holiday shoppers, but I'm still woefully behind in photographing new work and getting it listed on my website and Etsy shop! Seems like this fall has been much more hectic than last fall. A week lost to Hurricane Michael added to extra work travel has taken its toll on both my schedule and my stamina, but finding a little time to get into my studio and doing something with my hands always energizes me. This piece came together with a combination of beads left over from other projects. They were laying randomly on my bench (I admit it's normally quite messy) when I realized that combined they reminded me of a beachy sunset. This piece is currently available on my website and in my Etsy shop.

Speaking of Hurricane Michael, what a terribly sad toll it took on the Florida panhandle. We were without power at our house in Tallahassee for nearly a week, but we went home to Jacksonville to escape the storm. Those farther west really had devastating damage, and the lovely little town of Mexico Beach, where the eye of the storm came ashore, was nearly wiped off the map. I love that little place and hope that the residents and businesses there are able to rebuild.  

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