Best Shot Monday: Meet Chica!


Happy Best Shot Monday!  Meet sweet Chica!  This girl is a super mess in her kennel.  She barks like crazy and jumps around like a ping pong ball, but take her outside and she's a dream. Look at that sweet face!  She's affectionate and gentle with a very goofy side.  Next time you are at your local shelter and see a dog that looks a little too much to handle because she has poor kennel presentation, take a chance on her!  Don't let a dog's kennel presentation sway you.  How'd you feel if you were locked up in a 3' by 8' kennel 23.75 hours a day?  You just might meet a sweetie like Chica here! She is available for adoption at the City of Tallahassee Animal Service Center.

Support your local animal shelter!  Adopt. Foster. Volunteer. Donate. Educate.  If you love seeing my shelter photography and are on Instagram, I have an IG channel devoted to these pictures and post daily @shelterpetsuperstars.  I'd love if you'd follow along!

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