Best Shot Monday: Meet Roscoe!


Happy Monday and Happy July! And welcome back to Best Shot Monday! We are home in Jacksonville for several weeks this summer, so I've been getting back into my home shelter, Jacksonville's Animal Care and Protective Services. Good to be home! This week, I met Roscoe. If ever there were an example of why you shouldn't judge a dog by his kennel presentation, it's this boy.

I photographed Roscoe last Monday, and his kennel presentation that day was horrible, truly horrible. He was ping ponging all over the place and since kennel staff had not made it to his run for cleaning yet that morning, he had done some truly amazing poop painting overnight and it was just getting better by the moment. So amazing that in his exuberance to see me walk by he slung some on me! Yay! (I never said my shelter volunteering was clean and light-weight work...🤣) But when I went to leash him, he was easy to leash and turned into a super sweet fella outside. We played fetch for a while, and he brought the ball back to me to throw again each time. He's also a fairly big boy, but he was super gentle and took his treats very sweetly. And clearly, as shown in this picture, he sits for photos like a champ! He's really amazing. He's available for adoption through Jacksonville's Animal Care and Protective Services.

Support your local shelter. Volunteer...Adopt...Foster...Educate...Donate.  I guarantee they need your help!

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