Best Shot Monday: Sweet 16

2019 Birthday 3

Yeah, I know it's Tuesday, but it's still Best Shot Monday for me! (Day late and a dollar short as they say around here...) My Daily Dose of Awesomeness hit their Sweet 16 Monday! They've taken advantage of the living in two places thing this year with one small gathering in Jacksonville last weekend before we headed back over to Tallahassee, and then two gatherings this past weekend - one each! - with their Tallahassee friends.

2019 Birthday 2

Goofy pictures are always my favorite ... here, Liv above with her friends in Tallahassee.

2019 Birthday 1

And here above, Sarah with her friends in Tallahassee.

2019 Birthday 4

And these four have been together since three-year-old pre-school. I remember the days when my parents split up and my mom, sister and I moved to the Jacksonville area. There were no cell phones, texting, social media or email then, so with only letters to keep us together, I lost touch with my friends when we moved. I'm grateful these girls have the technology we have today to keep this beautiful friendship going. Can't believe this gang is now all 16. As the old saying goes, time really does fly. I started this blog with they were four, and here we are at 16.

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