Best Shot Monday: Biscuit


Happy Monday! I've shared here before that when thinking about a shelter dog (and please do think about a shelter dog!), it's really important to not judge a dog by his kennel presentation. After all, these dogs are cooped up in their kennels for at least 23 hours a day. How would you feel in that situation, right? So yes, sometimes they might look a little crazy in their kennels (or scared or aggressive or...).... It's just so important to meet a dog outside of the kennel where you can truly interact with him. Like Biscuit here! He was a little high strung in his kennel, but seriously! Look at this adorable sit! And this is another example of how a good photo saves lives. I just photographed Biscuit last Wednesday and he's already been adopted! Do you love animals and are pretty decent with a camera? There's a volunteer opportunity out there waiting for you. I guarantee you a shelter in your area could use your help. Go check them out! And thanks for stopping in today!

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