Best Shot Monday: Simone


Yeah, I know it's Tuesday, but Happy Best Shot Monday! This week has me all discombobulated! Meet Simone! Some people think all you find at municipal shelters are pit mixes and other bully breeds (which wouldn't be horrible because they truly are amazing and have been given a bad rap by the media, but you've heard me say that many times here, right?). So I think gorgeous Simone here disproves that thought. She's a beaut, isn't she? Looks to be a pure bred chocolate lab to me! She came in as a stray but she had clearly been someone's dog fairly recently. She was in great shape and fetched and returned like a champ. Sad that whoever lost her didn't make it back to her. As you can imagine, she was adopted quickly after we posted her picture.

I can testify to that terrifying feeling of missing a dog as I experienced just that this past weekend. My Molly got spooked by the yard guy wielding a weed whacker and bolted Friday afternoon about 1:30pm. We searched and searched and stuffed hundreds of flyers in mailboxes and blanketed social media with her sweet face. Thankfully one of our flyers hit pay dirt and someone spotted her Sunday afternoon and called me. She was about three miles away through some woods, poor girl got so turned around. But thankfully our story ended happily as she's now back home safely with us!  Make sure your pets have good identification on them and are microchipped!  Thanks for stopping in today! 

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