Best Shot Monday: Where Does the Time Go?


I was going through some pictures this weekend and came across this. Good Lord, where does the time go? How it is possible that these two are juniors in high school and driving themselves around. One of my students works in my office as my assistant, and she just turned 21. We were talking about my girls and driving and cars and I said, "Ya'll just grow up too fast." She said, "I know!  I'm 21 now!" So I guess those doing the growing up sometimes feel it too. 

I was talking with my girls about college and where they might live, and we were talking about dorms vs apartments. Sarah seemed a little concerned that I didn't mention just living at home. When I told her that, who knows, I might head back to Jacksonville full time when they start college, she said, "Oh no, Mama. I may act like I don't want you around sometimes, but ya know, I really still need you to be in the same town at least." That was a biggee for that one to admit!  Liv, she'll be the first to say that she wants to be wherever I am, but Sarah is far more independent. Yep, they grow up too fast. (and yes, that bunny is still around...)


Sandi Smith said...

They are growing up way too fast! Seems like yesterday that they were born. They are lovely and caring young ladies.

Kelly Warren said...

Thanks Sandi. We are surely blessed.