Ode to the Happy Shack

A fellow English major and friend wrote this poem about the Happy Shack that is just too cute. The italics are for emphasis. Enjoy! And thanks Dana!

She lives in a happy shack bungelow
With two punchy happy shackers that she bore.
She’s an artist of some happy-shackling pretty goods
That her happy shackly customers adore.

She has a really cute happy-shacking husband
And a happy shacky website that is cool.
She would happ-ly shack her hours making jewelry.
Being crafty, happy shacking, she would rule!

If she only knew how happy that she made us
Making happy shacky bauble-licious gifts…
For the happy-shacked customers she services,
She’s the hippest happy shacker on our list.

If you’re ever feeling blue--unhappy shackied,
Read her happy shacker e-mails—get the gist:
Know the ticket to a happy-shacking attitude
Is the trinket that you wear upon your wrist!

~Dr. Dana Thomas, Dean of Liberal Arts, FCCJ
. . . and Happily-Shacked Customer

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