Behind the Camera: Budding Entrepreneurs

We now have two little budding entrepreneurs at home. Sarah and Livvie created their first necklaces this weekend.....all by themselves! Okay, so I tied the ribbon on the ends so they could tie them around their necks, but I promise, that's all I did. They are modeling them for you here.

Having twins is definitely an interesting study in the whole nature vs. nurture concept. Here you have two little girls born only three minutes apart to the same mother, being raised by the same parents in the same house, attending the same pre-school in the same class with the same teachers. Yet their personalities are very different. These necklaces are made out of pipe cleaner and little plastic heart beads. When creating their pieces, Sarah was very abstract, just grabbing random beads and stringing them on the pipe cleaner, while Olivia was very exact, making sure all the beads were turned in the same direction. I pointed this out to my husband and he tried to string a bead on Livvie's necklace, deliberately stringing it upside down. Livvie quickly corrected him, saying, "That's not how it goes, Daddy!" This difference in approach comes out in their coloring too. Sarah is very abstract while Livvie is very much about staying in the lines. And yes, in case you were wondering...the apples don't fall far from the tree. Sarah is very much like her daddy, both in temperment and appearance; Livvie looks and act very much like me.

Now that I have two little ones, I'm definitely not the neat freak I used to be....I'd go insane if I tried to keep up...but I do like to keep a clean house. And Livvie loves to clean! "Gimme a wipe, Mommy! I need to clean the floor!" No, this is not slave labor. But I definitely don't turn her down! I discovered Livvie's affinity for cleaning when she was about two years old. I was wiping off the kitchen counters when Livvie picked up a napkin off the kitchen table and started wiping everything down. And I mean everything. The floors, the chairs, the furniture. She'd wear out one napkin, bring it back to me and ask for another. This went on for at least 45 minutes. I finally had to break out the camera and take some pictures. I dug these two up.

After watching her for a while, and probably noticing that I was taking her sister's picture, Sarah decided to give it a shot. She did one cursory wipe of the table, decided cleaning was not her bag, and went back to playing with the legos. But she can build one heck of a mansion....she'll just hire Livvie to clean it for her.

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