Behind the Camera: Two Little Mermaid Queens

The little ladies and I went in for a haircut yesterday. My regular stylist just moved to Hawaii, so I'm breaking in a new person. I told her one of my customers I met at Springtime last weekend had the cutest little short haircut, BUT that I wasn't ready to go quite that short just yet. Well, ya know, we got to gabbin' and the next thing you know, I think it IS that short. Still haven't decided what I think about that yet. Guess it'll grow on me, literally and figuratively. The girls love getting haircuts because they're both rather enamoured with their reflection in the mirror. I guess my constantly asking them who the most beautiful girls in the world are has probably contributed to that! Ms. Shirley took this picture of my two little mermaid queens while I was at one of my recent shows.

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