Behind the Camera: Workin' the Tire Swing

We had a great time down at the lake for Easter, so I finally finished the role of film that was in my 35mm. Even found Christmas pictures on there!

As for Easter, my husband's extended family gathers every year down at a lake house in Keystone that's been passed down through the generations. Big gathering! We had about 75 there this year. LOTS of cousins! And even after 12 years of marriage, I still have a hard time remembering who belongs to whom. The girls spent a good part of the day on the tire swing, so I got lots of great BLURRY action shots. Oh well, at least a couple of them came out well. The day ended with the big egg hunt. The house sits on about 30 acres of land, so the guys hide the eggs in a wooded area, taping of a "4 and under" search area for the littler kids. Livvie really got into it....darting here and there like a little dragonfly on speed. Sarah was a little more "divaish" about it. She'd see an egg, but not want to get her hands dirty, so Livvie would say, "I'll get it, Sarah!" and drop it in her own basket. You snooze, you lose! :-)

Well, I'm off to tackle the San Marco Arts Festival this weekend. The forecast calls for a sunny and warm day Saturday, though windy (see my Barnaby's and Fried Pickles post for my experience with winds...), with strong storms coming in overnight Saturday. Looks like I'll likely have a wet booth Sunday morning. Pray that the storms decide to avoid us!

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