John Edwards Meets Mr. Potato Head

I've mentioned here before that I have the opportunity to meet some very interesting people in my line of work. We had Presidential hopeful John Edwards on campus recently! This was a great opportunity for our student government officers to get up close and personal with a national caliber politician. Though I had to duck out of the presentation at the last minute due to a sick child, my good friend Walter Fitzpatrick did send me some great pictures. Quite a handsome fella, Edwards is, isn't he?

All politics aside, what surprised me most was the appearance of Walter's alter ego. I'm sure those of you in my FJCCSGA ranks remember Walter's Oscar-winning performance as Tommy Bananas, or whatever Charles called him. We all know that Walter looks great for his age (he really is 74 or so....), but he wanted to set the record straight so he sent his friends here at the college this note:

"I have been asked on numerous occasions 'How do you stay so young looking?' I have decided to share my secret: I owe it all to my make-up artist, Kerry Roth. Kerry and I met recently and decided it was once again time for a touch-up to remove a few flaws. Just so that you will recognize me the next time you see me, I am sending you one of my new glamour shots. Enjoy. P.S. If you are considering a new look, I highly recommend Kerry."

Who knew Walter moonlighted as Mr. Potato Head?

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