Where, oh, Where?

Ya know, the internet truly is an amazing thing. I know you've heard that before, but I got a post comment this morning from someone in South Africa! Hope I got your flag right, Katie! I have no clue how Katie found me--maybe she'll comment on this post and tell me--but I thought it was just way cool that she did. So yes, once again, simple things amaze my simple mind.

I have tracking software on this blog so I can check to see where people are visiting from. Pretty amazing! In addition to my new South African friend and those of you in 43 of our 50 states and the District of Columbia (um, that would probably be my sister...), I've had readers from the Republic of Kyonggi-do in Seoul, Korea; Paris, France; Queensland, Brisbane, Australia; Provence-alpes-cote D'azur, Nice, France; Isreal; Ottawa, Canada; Toscana, Firenze, Italy; Toronto, Canada; New Zealand; Wilayah Persekutuan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Pulau Pinang, Penang, Malaysia; and London, England. Now come on, even for you too cool for school folks out there, you have to admit that's pretty cool!

Hmm....now if I could just get visitors from Idaho, Vermont, Alabama, North Dakota, Nebraska, Nevada, and Delaware…

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Katie said...

Hi there! This is THE Katie from South Africa here! Wow, what a wonderful surprise to see you featured me on your blog, I just came to have a good read now and scrolled down to find my old comment and I saw this huge flag! Yup, you got the right one :) I Can't for the life of me remember how I found you, I do so many searches everyday that it's hard to keep track. Thank you for featuring me (or should I say my name)in your blog, it's nice to be famous ;) I'm a jewellery designer myself and I've just opened an online shop and business, one things for sure it's hard to get noticed and there's alot of work involved. If you have any tips please do tell! You can see my jewellery at: www.cocoonjewellery.com and www.cocoonjewellery.etsy.com if you're interested. Am aiming towards working in sterling silver and gold only but need more orders first as it's pretty expensive to buy.
Anyway, I'm aching to buy one of your showstoppers but will have to be patient and wait for more business first. Great work and keep it up!

Katie (from Durban, South Africa)

Kelly Warren said...

Thanks for checking in, Katie!