Behind the Camera: I Must Share!

Don't we all think we each have the most beautiful children in the whole wide world? Of course, we do! I just downloaded some of my Boca Grande pictures and wanted to share a couple. I took a new camera down there and didn't quite know what the heck I was doing half the time, so it was pure serendipity (don't you just love that word?) that I got some of these shots. More to come!

Livvie looks like the perfect little synchronized swimmer here! She really took to the water this year, no fear whatsoever, which is not always a good thing! There were certainly a few times when she attempted to venture out in the Gulf a bit farther than she should. And we spent one afternoon shelling on various sandbars and she was the first to jump out of the boat every time. “Swim, Mommy? Sure I can swim! Just watch me!” as she goes under just in time for the DH or I to catch her. It’s definitely back to the Y in a couple weeks for lessons.

Sarah had just thrown a ball to her Uncle Rob here. This was the one day we were actually able to use the porch, due to the lovebug adventures I told you about below. One afternoon, the wind shifted and the bugs just disappeared. We all did a happy little lovebug dance. So I vacuumed a gazillion and 37 lovebug carcasses off the porch, literally blowing out the motor in the vacuum cleaner in the process (apparently, it was not feeling the love), and we hung out on the porch that afternoon. But alas, by 8pm or so that night, the winds had shifted back and the little orange-headed blind flyers returned.

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