Lovin' This Animal Art

If you know me personally or have read this blog for any length of time, you know that I absolutely love animals and am a collector of fun animal art. Sarah and Livvie’s room is full of it. In addition to the larger format art I have in the girls' room, I also collect animal ACEO’s by Vivian Markham, Rebecca Ives and Lara Harris as well as some other artists. ACEO's are a great way to affordably amass your own personal art collection! And now I've found a new artist I need to collect!

I actually found Dottie Dracos through her husband’s Ebay store when I purchased some of his fun little dog and cat magnets last week. Dottie does adorable, and very affordable, work and even has some cool little clocks. Check our her website here and her Ebay listings here. Her paintings just make you smile!
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