Taming the Trash Tiger

I facilitated a leadership retreat for our state student government executive board this past weekend….wiped me out! So after sleeping till noon yesterday, I started cleaning out my magic bus, otherwise known as the family minivan. I’ve always said I was way too cool to drive a minivan, so I call it the magic bus…humor me. I even selected the van that at least somewhat, in my mind anyways, resembles an SUV, the Chevy Uplander. Though every time I try to work that angle, my close male friends continue to say, "Kelly, it's a d*$m minivan...!" Oh well, more on the retreat later, but I will say that I collected a lot of junk in the trunk, er, main driver’s compartment of the magic bus.

Isn't it amazing how much trash you can collect in your car sometimes, or it is just me? Given, the innumerable amount of Cheerios I find all over the vehicle truly has its source (you'd be amazed where they turn up), but other than the Cheerios, you'd think I'd be able to keep a handle on things, right? After all, I work a full-time job, raise two little redheads, and run two part-time businesses; I should be able to maintain a clean van, um, I mean magic bus! To help me tame the trash tiger, I came across this handy dandy, yet tres fashionable, garbage pail on Etsy. Allyson Hill invented this little design and makes them in a variety of fabrics, for only $17 each! I must have two! Check out her Etsy store here.

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windycindy said...

Hi! I found a bag similar to these a few years ago. I found them at a Flower and Garden Show. Mine is flat on the front and back and is meant to heart live flowers. I hang it on my front door in the middle of a wreath! Cindi :)

Allyson Hill said...

Hi Kelly, Thank you for the wonderful post about my bags! You have sent some business my way and I just wanted to say thank you!!!

Kelly Warren said...

Yeah, Allyson! You're welcome! I'm glad I was able to send a few people your way!