Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fly with Patina's Wings

I've dabbled a little bit in precious metal clay....very cool medium that starts out in clay form and then, when you're all said and done, leaves you with .999% pure silver. I stumbled across Patina's Wings and was captured by designer Kathy St. Martin's mission, several missions really. First, she teaches children to make PMC jewelry to raise funds for their own charitable causes. Second, she's trying to raise funds to visit her ailing mother who's currently in a nursing home 11 hours away and is trying to raise awareness of the plight of the elderly in some of these nursing homes. I watched my Nana waste away in a nursing home that was understaffed with underpaid aides, so I've seen some of that myself. Third, when I read her profile, I saw where the name Patina came from, and of course being the animal lover I am and having lost three dogs to the very busy road in front of my house, I knew I had to share her work here.

In this necklace, she combined PMC Silver with a layer of 22K gold, making a beautiful mixed metal pendant. It's really a beautiful piece! Check out more of Kathy's work and read more about her and her causes here!

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