Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Can't Wait to Meet Wyanne!

Yeah! This morning, I found an awesome new artist (well, new to me anyway!) who just so happens to be right in my own backyard. Wyanne Thompson lives just 20 minutes up the road in Fernandina Beach. How cool is that? I just posted a thread on the Etsy forum last night looking for other artists in Northeast Florida and, by luck, one of Wyanne's pieces was on the Etsy home page treasury this morning and caught my eye. The work featured here is one of her photo collages, something new she just started this weekend during this lovely nor'easter we've been having. Love it! After checking out her Etsy store, her website, AND her Ebay store, I love all her work. Since we are basically neighbors, hopefully we can meet up soon! Check out her website here, and then you can link to her Etsy shop, her Ebay store and her blog from there.

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