Monday, October 29, 2007

Do you Believe in "Meant to Be?"

So what’s your take on fate, destiny, and what's "meant to be"? I took the girlies over to FSU Homecoming this past weekend so the DH could have a weekend to himself to do all those guy things without having to worry about us girls getting in the way. Great trip. Exhausting trip. Entertaining Sarah and Olivia for three days away from home is quite a feat! We went to the Homecoming parade, did a little Seminole shopping and had some of my favorite pizza…and that was all just on Friday! (These three pictures are from the parade; Sarah says the motorcycles “scare her ears”.) Though I visit Tallahassee frequently, this trip in particular brought about a change in perspective for me. Why? After months of contemplation, in August I applied for a job that would have required a move to Tallahassee. It was a great opportunity for me career-wise and Tallahassee is certainly a great place to raise a family, yet I was still very hesitant in applying simply because of the move. Obviously, I went to school in Tallahassee so I do love the town, so that’s not the reason. I have very little family left here in Jacksonville, but DH was born and raised here and has never lived anywhere else. Given that, my greater concerns were for him, yet he’s been far more enthused about the idea than I have. Though we’ve both been having a really hard time with the idea of giving up the dolphins in our backyard...

I did lots of praying… not that I’d the get job, just that I’d get an answer to the question “Are we meant to move to Tallahassee?” And though I was one of three finalists, I recently learned that I did not get the job, so I guess I did get my answer. I think. Normally when I go over to Tallahassee, I stay with my old roommate KT, but this weekend, I stayed with my Chi Omega big sister Kathy since she has kids, one of whom is an excellent babysitter who was happy to keep the girls while we went to the game! Spending the weekend with a Tallahassee family confirmed that Tallahassee truly would be a great place to raise a family. It’s a very pretty town in general and Kathy and her family live in one of the most beautiful areas…canopy roads, parks and hills everywhere. Saturday morning her son had a flag football game, so we went to that and the girls played at the park there. I enjoyed seeing the camaraderie of both the boys and the families watching. (DH is still having a hard time accepting the fact that his children do not have male anatomy and won’t be playing football….which means he won’t be coaching football like Kathy’s husband David does.)

The rest of the afternoon was spent just hanging out, getting ready for the FSU game Saturday night. So, was I disappointed I didn’t get the job? Sure, but amazingly enough not as disappointed as DH. He really wanted that for our girls. Are we still considering moving to Tallahassee? Who knows…I guess we’ll have to see what the Man upstairs has planned for us. Am I actively looking for a job in Tallahassee? No. But if a good job in Tallahassee were to fall in my lap, I think we’d have to reconsider those dolphins. Maybe a nice mural and a weekly trip down to the coast could substitute?

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