Tuesday, October 9, 2007

San Marco Fall Arts Festival: Um, Duh!

A big thank you to those of you who ventured out for the San Marco Fall Arts Festival this past weekend! I can't say it was my best show, but I can't say it was the worst, either.... I did about 1/3 of the sales I usually do in San Marco. I guess it was a combination of factors, with weather bring the primary culprit. But lucky for you, gentle readers, all the new things I created for that show will soon appear on the website!

For the bright spot of the weekend, Whitney and I had plenty of time to chat, and I was finally able to use my new sign Gypsy painted for me! Not a great picture here since you can't really see the mermaid, but I hope you get the general idea. And let me tell you it was quite a feat getting it up there. On Saturday when we were setting up, since the sign was a new addition, we didn't think about it until we basically had the whole booth set up. So even with my height and a stool, we were struggling. I brought some small white garden chain and hooks which I had planned to use to hang the sign from the rafters of my tent. For whatever reason, we were bound and determined to use the chain. Tried the sign in the center rear. No luck--fell forward. Tried it in the center over the center rafter. No luck--fell forward again. Hit Whitney in the head. Tried it in the corner diagonally. No luck, crooked, and it w0uld have hit me in the head all day. Gave up and said we'll just have to figure out something later. Dad-gumm it. Paced around at little bit. Not quite ready to give up. Tried it in the center again. Knocked one of the shelves down in our zeal to make it work. Set it on the table before serious bodily injury occured. By propping it on the table, at least we could say we did use it.....we just didn't hang it. :-)

So that afternoon, as we were sitting around due to a lack of customers, inspiration hit. Why the heck were we so set on using the chain? Get rid of the dang chain and we have no issues. That was our "um, duh" moment. Thus the picture you see of our set up on Sunday.

Not much other excitement to report. I did enjoy getting to know Kathy Frosio, the artist next to us, a little more. She's another local who paints some really fun beachy pictures that would look great in my house. One day.... For now, check out her work here. Whitney and I did have one strange moment when we thought we heard something fall, and discovered that the glass disk on the Ferris Wheel lariet had become possessed by the glass demon and split itself in two. Luckily no one was around or they could have lost an eye! And there was the moment we saw a child go by in a stroller holding what appeared to be a glass snowman with an electrical cord coming out of his butt. You know, those ones you see lit up at Christmas time? We were pretty punchy by that time so, when we finally did stop laughing, Whitney had to check it out closer and we discovered that it was a ghost with a cord coming out of his butt. Much better. At least the season was right. But regardless, seeing a child in a stroller clutching anything with a cord coming out of its butt like a well loved bunny was pretty funny. And no, Sarah's Bunny does not have a cord coming out of her butt. Most days anyways...

Hmmm....something just hit me. At this show, one of my least productive in three years of doing shows, I was able to use my new sign made by the person I met at the least productive show. Since Gypsy is one of the most positively infectious people I've ever met, I choose to think that's just a freaky coincidence! Read more about our first meeting here.

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elleabelle said...

Your stand looks so nice! I have not done any shows because I don't have the money yet to invest in all the displays etc. that you need! Plus, with two kids, I don't have the time to be away from them all day! I don't know how you do it!

Kelly Warren said...

Thanks! I have a VERY supportive husband....and the girls have mastered the art of hanging earring cards on their stands so they are free labor. :-)