Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Buying Handmade for Christmas

I've been doing pretty good in my pledge to buy handmade for Christmas this year. I have managed to find something handmade for everyone on my Dad's side and my DH and even a few things for the girls. I got a print from this artist, Ron Krajewski, for the family member whose name I drew. I don't think that person reads this blog but in the event that he or she does, this is NOT the print I got! But this one does look just like our old yellow lab Bear, who we lost just after the girls were born. Read about him here. Ron has tons and tons of animal prints from his paintings very affordably priced and he shipped lightning quick so there's still time to shop for Christmas! He also has a few originals listed as well. One thing to note: most of his prints are listed in a 8 x 10 size, but I asked him for an 11 x 14 size and he was happy to accommodate lickedy split. See all his work in his Ebay store.

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