Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Garden Goddess Mosaics--Great Gifts!

While I would certainly love for you to buy all your Christmas gifts for the women in your lives at the Happy Shack, I understand that sometimes my pieces are a little expensive for gifts! Better for you to buy them to reward yourself! So I've found another wonderful artist with the perfect little gift for female friends and family. Garden Goddess's tile pendants are very, very cute and very, very affordable! These little gems are only $6.99! Based on her profile she also has a great personality. Here's what she has to say:

"My name is Erica and I am a Wife, Mom, and Nursing student..AKA Mosaic Artist/Hand painted Tile creator/designer. I was born in Long Beach, California, and grew up in Alabama. I have always come from a genetically artistic family with my mom studying art in Chicago and my brother studying in New York.... Apparently my brother got most of the artistic genes LOL!! He received a masters in Art and became an incredible sculptor in New York (I am SO very proud of him!!!). On the other hand, I have come to find and create art as a hobby, and painting mosaic tiles is my GREAT Stress buster!! My best friend taught me how to make my first mosaic and I never stopped!!!! My passion has been painting faux finishes on walls and beautifying my outdoor living spaces with mosaic art for several years now.

I first started making mosaics with stained glass and pouring my own special mix of concrete when the mosaic bug bit me 4 years ago. I also create and hand paint mosaic tiles for others for their special projects! It is so rewarding to see what they create! I have met some super mosaic friends along the way and I love to share and teach my passion with others!! I LOVE to create new projects and have become a super duper multi-tasker! If you peeked in on me you would see me painting 5 tile projects at one time (just at different times of the day and maybe several mosaic projects in the other room)! I will finish my BSN in Nursing next year!"

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