Thursday, December 13, 2007

Diana Martin's Little Lovelies

The girls are having a mermaid barbie fairy Christmas this year. I can tell you this because they can't read yet. ;-) I stumbled across this beauty last night searching for mermaid costumes on Etsy. Didn't find the costumes, but I did find artist Diana Martin. This little gem is an ACEO; I selected another of her ACEOs as well (and one day I'm actually going to get all my ACEOs organized into a nice book...or box...or something spectacular). I had already picked out two other mermaid ACEOs from smARTee, and those arrived in my mailbox today, along with two wonderful little handmade polymer clay ACEO stands Robin made. I think Santa is going to put those on the girls' dressers Christmas Eve so that will be the first things they see when they wake up. Either that or by the fairy doors I will also have to install Christmas Eve, fairy dust and all. It'll be a busy night!

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