Monday, January 14, 2008

Kids Art Installment Number 2--Conner

Well, I was going to share a couple of my little cards I made in my class Friday night, but I’m still having scanner issues! So instead, I’ll give you another kids’ art installment as promised in my Encouraging Kids’ Art post. These fun little robots are the work of seven-year-old Connor. Cool huh? I love his store announcement: “Hello. My name is Connor and I am seven years old. I like robots, Transformers and Legos. I have been drawing robots for 4 years. When I grow up I want to be a Legomaster and an artattack (the job where you make skyscrapers and stuff).” Too cute. Visit Connor’s store here. He has all kinds of fun stuff featuring his robot drawings.

Conner’s mom Cohen also has some lovely things in her store. I particularly like this card. She admits to liking trashy romance novels (I admit it, too…they are great bubble bath reading!) and in this piece used cut pieces out of one of her books to make the flower on the card. Very cool, huh! Since developing this new obsession with collage, I may have to purchase some of her fun cut outs, and I’ve already purchased a birthday card for my sister from her. Visit Cohen’s store here.

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