Sunday, February 10, 2008

Charming Sam Voting is Up! Please Go Vote!

The Charming Sam Valentine Angel Challenge voting has begun! I'd be honored if you would vote for me at this link. Click on the box in front of Kelly W and then scroll down to the bottom of the box to "Cast Your Vote". Given that this was my first attempt at collage, mine is far from the best of the bunch, but I hope you'll at least give me an A for effort. :-) See the two pieces I created for the challenge below. Voting runs through February 13. Since I've been out of town for the past four days, I'm late in getting the word out! Thanks for voting for me!


Wyanne said...

I voted for you!!! Too bad it won't let you vote more than once. :( But, for a first try...girl you are doing great!!!! Love, Wyanne

emmommy said...

I voted for you Kelly!!