Monday, February 18, 2008

The Other Sister Hangbags

I have been lusting after the botanical handbags by "The Other Sister" for a while now. These are just so incredibly yummy. Here's the description straight from the listing for this bag:

"SPECTACULAR! Small botanical bag with fabric petals and stalk-like handle; INTERIOR: 4" deep, 4" wide at the top, 5.5" wide at the base; EXTERIOR APPEARANCE: 6" deep, 7" wide; top opening is 1", circumference is 16" - room for lipstick, license/CC, tiny phone, handkerchief - Delightful." Sister j.j. says, "My one-of-a-kind handbags and art-to-wear purses are created completely in my studio, from idea to design. This is my original concept in which I do not use a pattern: you will be the only person to own the exact bag pictured here! All are well-made, durable, and have unique combinations of materials for a very natural effect."

The sisters have dozens of different botanicals is as well as lots of other fun stuff. Given the craftsmanship that appears to go into these bags (based on the pictures!), their prices are very reasonable. Visit their store here.

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Slideshow at said...

Thanks for posting my handbags. I am always happy to hear that someone enjoys them.

Enjoyed visiting the Happy Shack,

jj, The Other Sister