Thursday, February 14, 2008

Playdate with Wyanne

My dear friend Wyanne Thompson has some gorgeous new original art up for auction in her ebay store. This is just one of several! Be sure to visit her ebay store and her etsy store to check out all her new work. Wyanne is such an inspiration to me. She took the chance to set up her own studio, right on Centre Street in downtown Fernandina Beach for those of you who know the area, and she spends her days in her studio creating and marketing her art. That would be my dream!

I’m taking a day off tomorrow to go up and spend the day with her playing. She’s going to teach me some of her art techniques and I’m going to teach her some of my jewelry techniques, particularly wire wrapping, which I’ve finally mastered after three years. Wy’s been doing some cool stuff on her blog too, making and posting You Tube videos of each of her finished works and the process she goes through. Check out her blog here. So looking forward to our play date, Wy!

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1 comment:

Wyanne said...

You are sneaky! I missed this post completely. Thanks so much!