Thursday, April 3, 2008

New Pieces Coming Soon!

I’m on Spring Break this week, so I’ve been enjoying my week off. Today I’ve been playing with my jewelry photography…which I admit, of all the aspects of designing jewelry, the one thing I hate the most is photographing it. I’ve been trying to find that magic combination that gives just the right amount of sparkle and pop…it’s very elusive! Today I took my pictures outside on my side porch. It’s in the shade so I got indirect natural sunlight. It was a little cloudy, so I might do better on a bright sunny day, but I do think I like these better than taking the photos in my little table top light studio. Nice breeze, birds chirping, and Isabelle certainly enjoys me being outside with her. I call this piece Atlantis. It’ll be on the website in the next day or two! Click here to sign up for free weekly email reminders. Click here for the Happy Shack Designs website.

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Wyanne said...

I think the photo came out really well. I can see more detail in the beads. Thanks for lunch yesterday. Sorry, I wasn't feeling great...I'm much better today. Love, Wyanne