Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Two Little Mermaids at it Again

Spring has definitely sprung here in Florida, which means Summer is just a couple weeks away. I really tend to break out the camera this time of year. My DH is one of those who will take just about anything free, thus the blue alien shaped above ground pool you see a piece of in this picture. A most interesting pool, it is. It’s inflatable! You inflate the ring on top and then start filling it with water. As you fill it, the ring rises and brings up the sides. Pretty ingenious actually. Full size it’s 18’ in diameter, yet it folds down to fit in a box the size of your stove. Anywho, it’s proving to be a lifesaver for two little redheads who get a little cranky when they get home from school in the afternoons. Still a little chilly for my taste, and give the girls no more than 30 minutes and their teeth are chattering, lips turning blue. “Aren’t you cold, girlies?” “No, Mom!” Chatter, chatter, shiver, shiver, as they climb up the ladder and jump in again. Give it another month and I’m sure I’ll be in there with them.

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