Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Remember Your Blessings

Whenever I've had a tough day at the office and the grumpies come around, thankfully when I get home, God finds a way to remind me of my blessings and my grumpiness quickly fades. Most days, it’s my girls that make all my troubles melt away, but today was a little different since I got home before everyone else. A rarity! DH and the girls went to Papa’s for dinner, so about 6pm I was standing at the kitchen sink washing dishes and looking out the kitchen window at the river when God gave me my blessing for the day. I was treated to a spectacular dolphin show nothing short of Sea World. We get dolphins regularly so I know I’m spoiled there, but this pod was particularly rambunctious. Several were literally jumping completely out of the water showing off. Another pair was jumping and diving in nice little arcs. Of course, I can’t take credit for this first picture, but it gives you the idea! In order to get my camera, I first had to tear myself away from the show, run up one flight of stairs to get the camera of my desk, then run down two flights of stairs and out 50 yards to the dock to catch a few shots…without my telephoto lens and with Isabelle nipping at my heels in excitement. Even though they had finished their show by the time I got out to the dock, they were still hanging around, so I snapped a few shots for you anyway. You can see a couple dorsal fins in this second shot right about the middle of the picture. Click on the photo to enlarge it and you can see them better.

And one more quick note about remembering your blessings. If you are not familiar with Randy Pausch and his “last lecture”, I really encourage you to check it out. Randy is a professor at Carnegie Mellon who is dying of pancreatic cancer, yet the way he’s chosen to deal with his impending death is so incredibly inspiring that his last lecture has been viewed millions of times on YouTube and has even been turned into a book. When I viewed it, I managed to keep the tears at bay until the very end. Click here to see a shortened version of the lecture Oprah Winfrey asked him to present on her show; it's about 12 minutes here (once you get to the video, click the play button on the bottom, middle left of the screen right above "channels"). And then click here for his website and blog where you can see the full 76-minute lecture and follow his progress. I promise you will be moved and inspired.

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QueenofQueens said...

What a beautiful reminder. Thanks for this Kelly. I'm going to steel myself and watch Randy's video a little later.
I'm glad you enjoyed your alone time! As a fellow mom I know how precious it is!

momoftwinz said...

First of all...I am so jealous of your beatiful window view!! Second, thank you for mentioning Randy Pausch. I did so as well on one of my posts awhile back. My mother-in-law passed from pancreatic cancer 3 years ago so his courage and determination is so very inspiring to me. Third, I am still loving my free bling friday earrings that I won! I need to post about how awesome they are...on my list of things to do. :-)