Friday, June 27, 2008

A Family of a Different, Um, Bean?

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I entered “for the family” into my Etsy search bar and this was one of the many things that popped up. It’s called “Wired Espresso Family”! I love it! I’ve seen this artist’s work on Etsy before; her name is Cat Bishop and she makes the most wonderful funky sculptures. So bright and fun. Here’s a little about her: “Cat Bishop's work explores the disconnect between the self each of us harbors inside and the self we present to the world. If our outward appearances were to accurately reflect the incongruity we feel inside, on a daily basis, we'd look like these people--eyes asymetrical, faces askew, legs off at uncomfortable angles, ill matched jello molds for boobs. The work is about the ways we assemble ourselves, the cobbling together of a self more presentable than the one we know. In this way what Bishop creates are also masks and disguises. So while the work is, in a deep way, about self-perception, self-scrutiny and self-flaggelation, the artist clearly has fun with it. The faces and figures come across as comical and entertaining, not dark or menacing.” Check out her Etsy store here! She’s taken some very cool photos of her work to purchase as prints. Very fun, very retro.

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