Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Girls Do Disney...

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Mama and Aunt Debbie, Debbie, Debbie were two very tired puppies, but the girls' trip to Disney World was a huge success for the girlies. We spent all day last Wednesday in the Magic Kingdom and then all day Thursday in Animal Kingdom. And I mean all day….yikes, we were tired when we got home late Thursday night. Of course, the girls took full advantage of the stroller, so they were not nearly as tired as the big girls. DH said I’m the only loony toon he knows who would spend two back-to-back days at Disney with two little ones just three days before leaving for a week-long vacation with those same little ones. I admit, they really didn’t try my patience too much until this morning, when I was really ready for them to go to school for the day so I could unpack, do laundry and repack! They are twirling around in their sparkling new Ariel and Belle ball gowns right next to me as I write this, bracelets dripping from their wrists and magic wands stretching out from their fingers. Since Granddad had already taken care of the tickets and we were staying with Deb’s cousin Doria, I splurged…it was quite fun… I have been named Cinderella for the afternoon. I feel rather honored!

We took the picture above with the Fairy Godmother fairly early in the day on Wednesday. She was the only character they really wanted to get close to once again. With everyone else, they were happy to watch from afar. The second picture is from the parade. When we were there in January, we saw the night-time light parade, so this time around we caught the mid-day parade, front row seat and all. Overall, two words of advice for you if you’re taking under five- or six-year-old youngsters to Disney any time soon. One, stay away from Snow White’s Scary Adventures; I completely forgot how scary it can be for little ones until we were in there, and the “scary” part of the ride title totally escaped me and Debbie both. I can claim blonde moment…Deb must have blonde roots. :-) As for Animal Kingdom, though Deb and I thought it was very cute and very well done, don’t take little ones into the “It’s a Bug’s Life” show either. It’s a very strong 3-D, Imax type show. Pair that with bugs. Get the picture? Though they were only cartoon bugs, they were still way too scary for the girls. Sarah sat crying with her head buried in my chest for the entire show; Livvie did a little better but not much. I fit into that “Worst Mama Ever” category for the next 30 minutes or so since I traumatized my children with a giant purple and green grasshopper named Hopper. Hilarious for me; not so funny for the girlies. Thankfully, the trauma was gone the minute we hit the popcorn and ice cream cart…again… Did I tell you I’m on a detox diet? Oh wait, I can’t do that yet….I’m currently sitting on the beach drinking another pina colada.

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KC said...

oh what fun, the girls look so happy.

Anonymous said...

Love the pic of the girls in their pink hats and shades! So cute :)


Stacey Moore said...

looks like a fun day ~ great pictures!