Sunday, June 15, 2008

Getcha a Pork Chop, Scotty!

I stumbled across some very affordable fun little bird woodcuts the other day. I’ll use them for some random project, just not sure what yet! I read the bio for this seller and I was rolling on the floor laughing. Here’s just a piece: “Combine a charm that hypnotizes lazy bunnies. A face stickier than pajamas dipped in pink frosting. A charisma sculpted by eccentric personal ticks. A physique similar to a marooned sailor down to his last salted pork monkey biscuit. A story telling ability able to perk up a sedated sloth. A personal hygiene regiment worse than drainage from an amusement park. A sense of humor funnier than an inflamed pelvic injury in a damp sink hole. Ahh Yes! He’s all of this and more. Squirreled away deep underground in his secret lair, he encourages his wonderment in play to conjure yet another piece of artwork. An Artist of a new time with a new calling. He peeks into a future where "modern" seems like an ancient coin lost in a ship wreck.”

After reading that, I had to check out his website, and “Pork Chop Scotty” has the coolest stuff! The shadow box pictured here is just one of many he has on his site, all incredibly unique. Notice that little “Secret door to my room” on the right side? How cool is that?! Doesn’t every kid (and adult for that matter) wish for a secret door to something? I know I do. It would be my secret door to just a few minutes of uninterrupted quiet time! These would be great gifts for that hard to buy for person, or just a fun affordable piece of original art to add some festiveness to your own home. He also has a few shadow boxes in his Etsy store. Check out his Etsy store here, and his website here. Fun stuff!

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