Monday, June 2, 2008

Having Fun with Allison Strine

My goodness, what fun! I’ve been a fan of Allison Strine for a while now, so I went on a major Allison Strine shopping spree yesterday! Can’t wait till it all arrives at my door. I started out just looking for something for the girls teachers and decided on this. Then I thought, “Hmm, I have two weddings coming up! I bet she has something fun for that too!”, but I can’t show you those just in case my sister stumbles upon this. :-) I picked out a couple magnets for friends and then just had to get something for me, the print pictured here because, you know, I AM worth it! And Allison is so much fun to work with. Great customer service. She’s personalizing both my teacher prints and my wedding prints. Her happy art must bring her a very happy heart because her fun spirit came through in every conversation we had. Here’s just a tad of what she said on her profile: “By day, Allison Strine is a happy mixed media/collage artist whose exuberant creations have won awards and appeared in national arts magazines. At night she's a not-very-good cook, a wife to a right brained husband (or is it the left - the one that's all about math and none about art), and a tucker-inner of two glorious children.” She also admits to loving exclamation points!!!!! As do I!!!!! Now go check out her very fun shop here!!!!! And her blog here!!!!!

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1 comment:

e. beck said...

didja know that al is my pal?
we do art in each other's basements!!
EXCELLENT taste you have in art!