Wednesday, June 4, 2008

One Pretty Peacock for You, One Pretty Peacock for Me, One for You, One for Me…

Or in this case, “One for DH, one for me….” Father’s Day is less than two weeks away! I always have a hard time figuring out what to get DH for a gift, be it anniversary, Christmas, birthday, Father’s Day, Daddy Did a Good Deed Day, whatever. Like “The Dad”, otherwise known as Kelly and Kim’s dad, he’s just really hard to buy for (which reminds me, I need to buy Father’s Day cards for both of them). So as luck would have it, when I checked out the Etsy Main Showcase today, there right before my two pools of green algae was this wonderful little personalizeable (did I just make up a word?) keychain. Yeah! Perfect! It’s from Ana at The Pretty Peacock. And I loved the saying on it. It will arrive at my door with our little ladies’ names on it to give to Daddy. (DH only checks in here once in a blue moon, so very doubtful he will see this!) But you know I can’t just check out one thing in a shop and be done with it. No way, Blue Jay! I have to check out the whole shop! And when I did, I laughed out loud at the saying on the pendant below. I will reserve comment as to why I liked it so much, but those of you who know me really, really well will get a chuckle. I will say that one of my other favorite quotes is “Well behaved women rarely make history.” (Oh, to be back in college again…) ‘Nough said. Even better, Ana is personalizing this one for me, putting my birthstone, blue topaz, in place of the peridot. Okay, I need to just stay away from Etsy for a while. I’ve been doing entirely too much shopping... Such cool stuff, I just can’t resist! Go check out Ana’s store, show her some Happy Shack love and tell her I sent you!

Remember that you can always click on my pictures to enlarge them. And for those of you a little slow on the uptake today, “my two pools of green algae” are how DH refers to my lovely green eyes. Such a nice compliment, don’t you think? Like this post? Click here to sign up for free weekly email reminders. Click here for the Happy Shack Designs website. I promise that some day in the not too distant future, I will get around to listing new pieces!

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Maria said...

Thanks for the heads up, Kelly. I went to her store and I'm having her make a pendant. She has fabulous stuff. :) Can't wait to see your new stuff!!