Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dreaming of Being a Guitar Hero

Drooling….I have most definitely been drooling over this guitar. I play the guitar and take weekly lessons, which my guitar teacher Gary refers to as my once-a-week-supervised-practice, since Mondays at 5:30pm are most often the only time I pick up my guitar. Not that I don’t want to practice more, mind you! There’s just that whole time factor issue I deal with…that and the fact that whenever I’ve tried to practice at home, I have two little redheads trying to “help” me. Sure, I could practice when I’m home alone, right? Now, there’s a concept! Unfortunately, rarely am I home alone these days. So for now, I’m thankful for my once-a-week-supervised-practice. Actually, my family is not truly convinced I really play the guitar because they never hear me play it at home. When I got home this past Monday, the girls asked me how my “guitar boyfriend” was. I’m sure DH put them up to that. He has all my “boyfriends” categorized. Now should I ever become the singing, guitar-playing sensation I am in my dreams (you know, the same dreams in which I’m married to Jon BonJovi), this is the guitar I will have. It was handmade by an amazing artist from my Etsy for Animals Street team, Isaac Willis of West Corinth Studio. Isaac and his wife Heidi Shaulis are a husband and wife team who work out of their home in West Corinth, Vermont. Heidi paints animals for the most part, with cats being her favorite subject. Using a refined glazing technique she obtains spectacular depth of color in a unique folk art style. Isaac strives to produce the finest handmade jewelry boxes and furniture with the lowest carbon footprint possible…..and of course, amazing guitars like this one. I want it….bad. Any leads on the winning lottery numbers this week? Check out Isaac and Heidi’s work here! You can read more about this guitar and see more pictures of it here. And then be sure to check out the Etsy for Animals store here! 100% of the store’s sales benefit the Etsy for Animals charity of the month.

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Heidi Shaulis said...


Thank you for such a lovely feature!

Warm wishes,
Heidi and Isaac

mvegan said...

So wonderful, I love their work!!! ;0) Yay Etsy for Animals! ;0) Michele

cath c said...

that is a beautiful guitar!

you play, too?!

Kelly said...

I try, Cathy!